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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Do I need to be fit to join?  No, absolutely not.  We will start your training at whatever your current level of activity or fitness and systematically build on this over time.

Are classes suitable for females?  Yes, definitely.  We welcome everybody and we have some extremely competent female martial artists within Crazy Monkey.

Will I get hurt?  We have a strict, zero-tolerance policy towards any unsafe, antisocial or aggressive behavior.  Whilst our programmes are contact activities, your exposure to sparring will be carefully controlled and allowed only at a level appropriate with your skill and experience. We categorically will not tolerate any action which puts you at unnecessary or unwanted risk.

What is a class like?  Every class can be different.  A crazy monkey defense class will generally include a light mobility routine (a "warm up"), some fundamental movement training, shadow boxing, focus mitt drills and/or glove-on-glove drills and some technical sparring rounds to begin integrating new skills.  A monkey jits class will also include mobility and movement training, followed by techniques from one of the many positions, drills and some 'flow rolling' or light free practice.

Can I just turn-up or drop in?  We're afraid not - we need to know who is attending each session so we can plan accordingly and ensure there is enough room for you to participate.  If you haven't trained with us before, please contact us for a quick chat and to arrange your induction.

Do I need any equipment or special gear?  For your first couple of sessions you only need your clothes to work out in. If you have your own boxing gloves, BJJ kimono/judogi, then please feel free to bring them.  We will provide gloves and any other equipment for your first few sessions, however if you borrow gloves from us, we ask that you bring some boxing hand wraps or you can buy these from us.  After you have trained with us for a couple of sessions, you will need your own gloves (for CMD) and a gi (or 'kimono' - the training uniform used for monkey jits).  We can get these for you or recommend suppliers of quality budget (or premium if you prefer) kit.

I don't live in Brighton.  Is there Crazy Monkey near me?  We have colleagues and our own coaches teaching all over the world.  Please see some links here.

If you have any further questions or you want to speak to us directly to discuss your training needs, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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