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Cutting edge martial
arts training
Preparing you for full-contact living

Welcome to Crazy Monkey Defense Brighton - the home of modern martial arts training in Brighton, Sussex. 

Boxing - Kickboxing - Brazilian Jiu jitsu - Self defense

We are an licensed training centre for Rodney King's Crazy Monkey system of functional martial arts which have been specifically designed to optimise your martial arts development whilst developing skills to benefit all aspects of your life.

An introduction to Crazy Monkey:

Details of our training programmes are provided below (click icon for further details):

Crazy Monkey Defense
Monkey Jits
Self Protection

Our core striking programme grounded in western boxing and an emphasis on the development of life-skills through functional martial arts practice.  Our training approach also incorporates clinch fighting and kickboxing. 

Our grappling programme based on Rodney King's unique approach to Brazilian JiuJitsu.  

Modern, realistic self protection using the CMD framework.  Incorporating the 'Combat Intelligent Athlete' programme and 'EDGE' edged weapon defense methods.

Mat - Street - Life

Crazy monkey defense (CMD) is a striking-based martial arts program developed by founder Rodney King, built upon a framework of western boxing. Whilst the system uses live performance sparring as a indicator of progress, the Crazy Monkey approach to boxing differs from ‘sport' boxing (as practiced by amateur or professional competitive boxers) with its focus and application directed outside of ring-based arenas. At its core, Crazy Monkey is a self-preservation striking-based program which simultaneously emphasises the development of life-enhancing skills. The CMD system incorporates other critical elements of a conflict, including grappling (through the Monkey jits or 'MJ' sister programme), kickboxing, clinch-fighting and 'inner game' soft skills.  

Flow as the way

All CM practice is guided by 5 fundamental principles:

  • Application of cutting edge knowledge whilst accommodating your body's natural processes and reactions;

  • Development of personal growth and mastery as well as fighting ability;

  • A zero-tolerance, 'no meat head' policy - training must be safe and accessible for all;

  • Challenging play - the provision of a environment where you are free to explore and take risks in your practice; and

  • Access to an international network for learning and social engagement.

Preparing you for full contact living

We recognise that, whilst realistic self protection skills are crucial to us all, your time is valuable and therefore that time you devote to training should also provide benefits that carry over into other aspects of your life.  That training should result in a healthy body through athletic practice and allow you to better deal with all challenges.  Through our approach, we want to help you manage stress and become more mindful, motivated and contented.

The vision of Crazy Monkey Defense from the founder Rodney King :

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